Bathroom remodeling can be a very impactful way to improve the value, comfort, functionality, and aesthetics of your home. Of course, there are all kinds of remodeling projects that fall under the umbrella of a bathroom remodel—from expensive and invasive renovations, to small, minor cosmetic improvements. The type of bathroom project you consider, whether it’s a big one or a smaller one, should be carefully planned in order to make the most out of your investment into your home.

In other words, your bathroom remodel should include the highest quality materials and installation services at the most affordable prices you can find. In most cases, this will depend on your contractor and the choices they make to proceed with your project. At Bath Planet of Detroit, we’re committed to helping our customers experience the joy of a truly successful bathroom renovation. This means that every dollar you spend is allocated efficiently so that the end result is a finished bathroom that adds value to your home in every way.

Far too frequently, homeowners make the same mistakes when remodeling their homes that result in a waste of time, money, and patience. In this article, we’re discussing some of the most common mistakes to avoid when remodeling the bathroom to help you make the most out of your next renovation project.

Hiring the Wrong Contractor

Perhaps the most impactful mistake you can make when embarking on a bathroom remodeling project is hiring the wrong contractor. A bad contractor will care much more about their bottom line than yours—or will be incapable of providing the level of quality you’d expected for the money you pay. Bad contractors can range from unlicensed and inexperienced, to outright scammers and con artists. Either way, the wrong one will wind up costing you much more money than you’d planned to spend.  

The right contractor will be licensed and experienced in bathroom remodeling and will guarantee their work and labor with customer-friendly policies and warranty options. A good contractor will also agree on a fixed-price contract at the very beginning of your project, while making sure that you’re getting the best quality and value for your money from start to finish.

Amateur Bathroom Design

Designing a bathroom might seem easy, but this isn’t always the case. A qualified bathroom designer can help you create a bathroom that’s not only beautiful, but functional, comfortable, and safe, too.

Far too often, homeowners underestimate the difficulty of a bathroom redesign and wind up making huge mistakes that affect the layout, safety, and aesthetics of the project. Unless you’re an expert bathroom designer, leave the designing to the experts and make sure your bathroom is well-planned and executed for the best outcome possible.

Reconfiguring the Layout Without a Professional

The biggest expense in a bathroom renovation is changing the layout. Moving around your bathroom’s sink, toilet, shower, or bathtub means changing the plumbing and electrical wiring behind the walls, which is not a simple or easy task. Layout reconfiguration will require the help of a professional plumber and electrician, as doing it yourself (unless you’re an expert) is not an option.

Unfortunately, some homeowners hope to save money by skipping the professional and doing it themselves—without a license or a building permit. While reconfiguring the layout with the help of professionals is bound to cost some serious cash, making a mistake and having to repair it later due to faulty installation work or not having things built to code can cost much, much more.

Choosing Cheap Materials

Bathroom materials need to be of the highest quality possible according to the budget. Using low-quality materials to save money on your project can and will end up backfiring on you in the long-run when you’re having to replace and make repairs even just months after your renovation.

For a more cost-effective remodel, choose waterproof, premium-quality acrylic materials wherever you can, and avoid wood trim, vinyl laminate flooring, and other materials that will rust or become water-damaged easily.

Renovate Your Bathroom with Detroit’s Finest Bathroom Experts 

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